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designed for different game

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I recently got the Skyrim SE from Steam so I'm first time Skyrim modder. I'm using Vortex to handle my mods and I have managed to install quite a few of them, but for some of them, I get an error message designed for a different game (I assume they mean Skyrim LE). I have downloaded the SE versions of the mods from here so they shouldn't be the problem


so far following mods, or rather their plugins give me the error message 


Sexlab submit.esp

Sexlab defeat.esp

Sexlab tools.esp


I have installed all the additional mods that they require to work


any idea, what's causing them to give that error message if mods are correct versions?

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2 hours ago, fenriswolf1976 said:

I have downloaded the SE versions of the mods from here so they shouldn't be the problem

u sure? because you posted this in tech supp for Skyrim, not in the forum sections for Skyrim SE.


If its just Vortex and you can start the game and the mods are working fine, it may be that the esp files from these mods are still in form 43. Vortex complains about it, but Skyrim SE can handle a form 43 plugin without issues. If you can't even start the game because of that... bad design.

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I have used Defeat in the past with no issues, Submit has been reported as buggy and non-stable in general, and I know nothing about SL tools. Did you try disabling one at the time? maybe there is only 1 mod giving you troubles (in which case you would get more help if you use the support thread of that mod).

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