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Teens in uni

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1 hour ago, TinyBlep said:

Is there a way to enroll teens in uni? I saw zero's mod about jumping to uni but my teen is a dumbass lmao and making them get good grades would be too slow. 



Not sure how it works since I don't own the universities expansion but if the only thing that is limiting your sim from going to college is their highschool grades then a quick way to raise them in would be for you to do the following


ctrl + shift + c 

type testingcheats on

then make sure you have the desired sim selected 

then type careers.promote highschool

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if testing cheats is enabled

shift + click on the teen sim. you will find something like "university" and "sign in to" or something like that

since I play the german version, I don't really know the english description of it ^^


but my teen sim is in uni, so it works xD

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