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  1. Well that would explain it. And doesn't help that all of my sims in the one save I tried using it are mostly are female based. I used the futa world mod until I decided to manually edit each sim by hand. Is there any chance to have F->F and F->M interactions with the same animations as M->F interactions?
  2. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I seem to be unable to use the sim inside of the Sex Arcades. I placed them down onto my sim's residential lot and I can get sims into the arcade itself. But when I click the sim themselves, I get the normal 'talk' options and a "release" option. And the machine gives the two "strap in" or "persuade to strap in" when someone else is in it. I don't get the option to have sex or pay for sex. I tried placing the mods into the core mod folder, I have tried going to other lot types, and I have tried using only female sims. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  3. Just like @Princely , I'm having the same problem. It throws this out every second. Below it will be a pic to my full mod list Edit and update. It is CNWW that is causing the problem. I deleted just that folder and relaunched the game. No more problems for now.
  4. What do you mean by this? What is "the right way?" Also thanks for the help so far ^_^
  5. Seems I have gotten Sims 4 at the right time, as it just updated. So! I just got the game and I want to use this wonderfully perverted mod, but I have questions. They will be numbered for ease of answering. Most of these questions will refer to the first post in this thread Under the Optional mods, which is the better body mesh? Can I use both "Sopor's Allure Breasts" and "Heliotropic Heavy Boobs" at the same time? Which of the two Penis Models is the best? Can both "Azmodan22 Bondage Devices Mod" and "YrSa BDSM Devices Mod" be used together? Which Animation Pack is the best, and can I use more then one at a time? This one is out of this thread, but is there a good Herm/Futa mod? I hope to get playing soon. This all looks so much fun ^_^
  6. There is some addons that allow for a bit of a finish. With one called the "AdvancedPlugin" you can be forced to cum when your pleasure level (also know as closeness) is raised to a high enough level. And while it's fun to play TiS alone, it is even better to play with friends, and I mean the perverted type as well. ^_~ With my friends, if someone is raped in a mission/level, we would do a small bit of roleplaying during and after the rape. We will also sprinkle it around while playing. Nonsense667 is right, Anything adult in SL is better if you can roleplay with people and friends. Just don't let the visual level of SL take away from your roleplaying. I have seen far to many people call moaning "roleplay" and just let the pose balls do the action.
  7. The bit about tentacles in space made me pause. Rape game FPS, really? How does that work? That's actually... interesting, very much so. At least as a concept. I've kept my distance from SL due to a number of reasons, but maybe it could be worth looking into afterall. It's real simple. Take a shooter, don't matter what kind, and replace the enemies with monsters that want to rape you then kill you. It uses RLV(Restricted Love Viewer) to take control of your Avatar and can even strip your avatar and do some neat things if you get the help to do it. The TiS group is "TiS Game" and we are a friendly sort Just keep in mind that for men, it uses anal rape.
  8. Astymma, I don't mean to be rude, but you didn't even read my post that Nonsense667 quoted. I told him about an in SL game, one that does have classes and one that has a trailer in it's main site. The videos are good though. Anyway. Nonsense667, I'm not sure if there is another video of TiS game play, but if you join the "TiS game" group, I'm sure you can find some one playing a game or willing to start one to show you how it goes. Also, the class names are mostly jokes and sex based like the game. You are not limited to what you can use or wear and can say you are what you want to be. I will tell you right now that there is a heavy amount of male and female/other rape. And when I mean rape, I mean the heavy anal type. So if you play with others and are not into that, Hang back and watch ^_~ Edit: Oh, here is a quick run down of what the classes do in the SL game TiS (tentacles in space) http://jasx.org/lsl/tis/index.php?page=offlinecalc&classid=0 Just click the class name (Furry, GIMP, Pornstar, Pimp) to swap to that main class and see what the sub classes can do.
  9. I guess I'm the only person here that knows about this in Second Life game. There is a game called TiS. It is short for Tentacles in Space. It is a first person monster rape game. It can be played by your self or with others (more fun with others as you can easily see the action as well RP a bit with them as well). You only have to pay the starting fee of L$1,500, that gets you everything you need to start playing. Almost all of the weapons and goodies are either found while playing or, in the case of other items you can buy from the vendor, you can gain EP (event points) to pay for them. The game can played be anywhere you can place the missions. TiS uses RLV (Restricted Love Viewer) to make your avatar sit on the monster as well as get striped in the rape action. I'll post the link to the game's site. http://jasx.org/lsl/tis/index.php There is a free demo that you can use to try before buying the game, I would look into that first. And if you get the game, you can sent me a referral, I'm Ray McKeenan.
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