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  1. I fully agree. There also needs to be more Rabbit holes for people to go into and out of. Taking Strangeville as an example, everyone seems to pop in and out of that same door behind some shop... Like it's some apartment building that everyone is using.
  2. From the context I could get around the other posts after the deleted post, the deleted was likely asking for an adult mod that allowed under age sex. That isn't allowed at all on this site.
  3. Buy me Uni? 😛 For reals though you would be better off testing it yourself sense you have the add-on already.
  4. I wonder if you can do the same with children. Have a Child Genius and stuff!
  5. Ok, update. I adjusted the CPU fans in BIOS to the max setting, but I'm not sure what I can do with BIOS and I don't want to mess things up. Best if I stated the MB I have. ASRock H97 Anniversary https://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/h97 anniversary/ I also did a test with Dying Light, CPU Temps didn't go over 50°C on average. Course the fact that outside temps are down and I don't have my heater on at all is likely helping.
  6. CPU Cooler: Thermaltake UX200. Fan Set up: See attached Pic, but add one fan at the bottom of the case, one in the front of the case, and one in the case panel. I worked to get the fans blowing bottom to top and front to back. BIOS: I have no idea nor do I know how to check that. Temps: Still working on on Real Temp and learning how to use it
  7. This is what I pulled off from the site I linked above. If this isn't enough, tell me what I need please. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz Video Card: Radeon RX 580 Series, 16GB Ram: 16GB OS: Windows 10
  8. I have not gotten Real Temp yet, but I'm getting it in the morning. In the mean time, what is the easiest way to get my specs?
  9. It's a good PC, able to run most other games with no problem. Using this site I can see that I can run all of the Sims 4 addons, but every so often the PC just cuts out, as if someone pressed the reset button, and starts to reboot. I'll try to do a bit of dusting to see if that will help. I have added a small bit of vinyl ducting from my AC unit to the bottom of the wire shelf that my PC is on... but I have not tested to see if that is going to help. I really hope it's not the thermal paste as it was a pain and a half getting the heat sink on.
  10. Long Story short, My PC seems to over heat whenever I play the Sims 4 for too long, and I'm wondering if having too many animation packs is causing this problem.
  11. This for sure. More Selfie poses for yourself and with someone else. I want to be able to take full body pics or closeups on the tits and/or dick. Also a "take selfie" interaction with any mirror. I increased the basic WW levels as the "infection" increased, but more would be better. Examples: Ability to have a sex interaction with the strange plants that you grow and find around town. The infected try to rape others that are not infected to spread it around. Maybe have tentacles, but definitely a plant "strapon" for the girls. The plant vines that clog the tub, shower, and toilet could appear while a sim is in the middle of an interaction and try to grab the sim. Cue tentacle sex. More places for the plant vines to grow and rape the using sim. Like chairs, beds, couches, and the like. Instead of getting eaten if you fail the boss fight against the mother plant, she tentacle rapes you and infects you. A sim can be willingly infected by the Mother Plant, which involves getting gang banged by tentacles. An infected sim could force bring a non infected sim to the mother plant to infect said sim as if they lost a fight. As for mods I want to see... I want a way to load more then one lot at a time. Like in Strangerville, I have lot "Slip 42" owned and if I decide to head to 8 Bells, which is across the street, it's a whole loading zone away! I guess it has to do with the fact that the game loads the whole instance as if it was that one lot, so lot traits need to be redone. Like I go home and it has the "teen hang out" lot trait, but if I go to the bar, it has different lot traits. Expandable lots. I would love the ability to buy more land for my sims. Either by buying an empty lot next door and adding it to the current lot, or expanding the lot bounds as long as it doesn't encroach on other lots or "common lands" like sidewalks, streets, and pubic playgrounds/parks. More lots. Speaking about StrangerVille, in StrangerVille Plaza there is a ton of fake shops that could have been made into lots(Or "Rabbit Holes" from Sims 3) that the sims could be using for daily routines, places of work, and what not. There is that broken down motel that I would love see turned into something usable. Like a sim buys it and starts fixing it up and stuff. There are quite a few placeholder houses that could become full on lots, which happens more then in StrangerVille Plaza. More Job compatibility with the "Get to Work" expansion pack. What I mean is, "Get to Work" adds 3 jobs you can follow your sim to and activity control them while at work. I would love to see the base game jobs and jobs from other expansion packs have this level of control. Maybe I want my sim to sleep around while he/she is being a Politician, or watch the crazy stuff happen around the office as a Tech Guru. Custom adult jobs. Things like being a stripper, Brothel girl, Cam slut, and so on. Maybe work with the above want.
  12. See I knew about that and I thought there was more to it. "Lot Extender" sounds like a thing that would give you more room to build then something to add more lot traits
  13. I feel this is a stupid question, but where is this mod at as I can't find it >_<
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