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  1. just wanted to write, that I am waiting for "Farming Simulator 22" - but I realized, damn, it was released 2 days ago
  2. just started the Dune hexalogy (because of the movie) before that I just finished "Ghosts of the Tsunami" (is about the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima accident in Japan)
  3. ask me about my 1600 hours of The Sims 4 or nearly 2500 hours of DayZ 🤣🤷‍♂️
  4. jumping between Age of Empires IV and Jurassic World Evolution 2
  5. for me it was [Secretcrush]Real_3Dpussyv01.package
  6. the standard WW condoms only work on the standard WW penis... for me, I don't see any other condoms on other penis models
  7. am besten auf einen Spiegel klicken. Dort findest du dann ne Option die sowas heißt wie "sich selbst betrachten" oder so ähnlich... das steigert die Fähigkeit Nudismus. Wenn du außerhalb deiner eigenen 4 Wände nackt rumläufst, ist das Exibitionismus - um den zu steigern, musst du glaub ich erst Nudismus erhöhen. also zu erst zu Hause nackt rumlaufen und am Spiegel das "selbst betrachten" machen - und danach erst draußen nackt sein
  8. Patreon seems to be active, but yet, there is also no update for it
  9. is it possible to make a switch for "react to nudity" that you can set it, so that household members do not react to other (nude) household members, but react to nudity of everybody else?
  10. well, I have set up, "not to respect children eyes"; that makes adults get naked, although children are on the lot And then I disabled the React to nudity, but than nobody reacts to nudity anymore... so what would be cool, if you could set something like "reacto to nudiity, except household members" or something like that
  11. Hey, I just wondered, if there is an option to the "react to nudity" to make household members not react to nudity of members of the same household?! But react to non-household members? Because right now, there is only "react" or "not react" - and I think it would make sense, that if you see a member of your own household naked, it's "ok", but seeing someone else naked, you might be not ok Because I just had the situation, that the mother was having a bath and her child had to go to toilet. But the kid reacted to the nudity and left the bathroom again. For me, that doesn't make any sense. Is there an option for this and I just did not see it? greetings
  12. genau das macht Nisa... musst dir die Anleitung durchlesen, was du zu tun hast. Du kannst mit der Mod Sim bestimmen, die als Prostituierte arbeiten und dein Sim kann die dann anrufen, die kommen vorbei, machen ihr Ding und gehen dann wieder. Ich glaube, dafür gibts auch irgendwo ne deutsche Übersetzung. Damit du auch Sex haben kannst, solltest du dir noch Wicked Whims (gibts auch in deutsch) und diverse Animationen runterladen
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