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Expression randomizer fix 1.62

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ever think that the same expressions seem to get picked more than others?  you're not wrong.  this is how base SL picks an expression:


let's say there are 10 total expressions (0 as the first and 9 as the last) and based on the animation tags the ones that qualify are expression 3, 4, and 6.  so our search array is going to look like this:


false false false true true false true false false false


SL will start at a random position on this array and use two functions: find and rfind.  find will start at the position given and search towards the end of the array until it finds a true.  rfind will start at the position given and search towards the beginning of an array until it finds a true.


to pick an expression SL starts with a random number with the total expression count as max, and then calls find at that position on it.  if it doesn't get a match, it then calls rfind on the last position of the search array.  so for our given search array, here's how the results work out:


expression 3 is picked 4/10 times:  from find 0, 1, 2, 3.

expression 4 is picked 1/10 times: from find 4.

expression 6 is picked 5/10 times: from find 5, 6, then as find 7, 8, 9 all don't match, rfind 9 3 times.


needless to say you won't see a lot of expression 4.


to make a long story short this is a patch of sslExpressionSlots to do a more thorough accounting and make valid expressions selected with equal probabilty to each other.  source and compile included.

sl expression rerandomizer LE 1.62.7z

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