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Breast Physics not working

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So I spent most of the day starting up a new FO4 playthrough, setting up all the mods using the new Vortex (its very handy but what happened to NMM?)

Even tho I havnt modded a game on this scale, for what 2 years? I actually done something I never did before, make a full run of mod installing and not have anything installed incorrectly on the very first game startup, or so I believed...

Made my character, left the vault, started lollygagging around, no errors or anything out of place with the mods, and then my first spicy scene came up, worked awesomely, all animations work, but... there are no body physics, only in the butt area O.o

I made a setup using the AAF guide, using the CBBE + old male body option, and then uninstalled everything CBBE and and the male boy and installed the fusion girl + the new body talk male body, and the new male body works better than old one (skeleton for penis and stuff) but the female body, fusion, is incompatible with most of the cool clothing mods and body textures and still the breast physics arnt working, only the butt.


Anyone have any clue what I done wrong or what I am missing?

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6 hours ago, dagobaking said:

Unless something has been updated, the last time I've seen this looked into, CBP+Body didn't work with some animations. Not sure why. But, it's not an AAF thing.

I tried multiple animations, I noticed something since fiddling around with physics settings, the off animation breast movement doesn't seem to work with vertical axis motion either, as in: if I move a character forward or backwards they move, but if I jump up without going forward or back they don't.

maybe in animations it doesnt "seem" to be working because most character motions are on its vertical axis (even doggystyle positions because the axis seems to be relative to the character's spine)? I just don't know, can't figure it out.

I noticed that when I switch animations and the position change there is breast motion from quickly changing the sex position tho.


I wonder if theres a skeleton, body or physics setting preset (CBP) that doesn't have this issue.

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37 minutes ago, Ganen said:

I wonder if theres a skeleton, body or physics setting preset (CBP) that doesn't have this issue.

Not that I'm aware of. The author of CBP appears to be active (just updated his mod recently). So, maybe if you could reach him and point it out he could figure it out.


As a side note, I just learned this tonight, the latest versions of Fusion Girl and Bodytalk apparently have the old bones for animating bounce either renamed or removed. So, that eliminates the manual bounce animation effect that is present in some animators packs. You would need old (and unavailable to my knowledge) versions of those bodies to see it as they intended.

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after the recent update all physics stopped working altogether :(

I updated looksmenu, AAF and mod framework, I re-created all bodies and outfit and their morphs but everything is static, anyone else have this problem?

Do I need to do anything else? CBP physics mod and the preset have no update  but I reinstalled them just in case, but doesnt work do they need to be updated?

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13 hours ago, SilverPerv said:

Until CBP Physics gets updated to 1.10.163 you will either have to do without jiggle or revert your Fallout 4 Steam installation back to 1.10.162 using this method.

ah, makes sense, it uses the script extender to produce the physics in the first place, so the new script extender doesnt work with the mod without it being updated.

Illl just play while waiting then, dont think it wil mess up the game if I install it after.


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Even after the updates to the physics  for latest game version this is still a problem becasue:
The updates to the skeleton have made many of the animations  outdated bonewise so unless the animators feel like updating everything, or the zex team  alter the skeleton you wont get jiggle during spicy scenes unless  you transition between certain animations  in which case you will see  it for a few seconds till the game decides its settled one example is switching to the rough sideways standing animation from a laying position there are a few other s but that is the most noticeable one 

Edit: and  by many i mean  more or less all of them

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4 minutes ago, kaneli said:

Hello, same problem here, butt jiggling fine during animations but breast stay static, its very frustrating, is there a solution ?

Could be incorrectly set up for 3 breast bone if using Fusion Girl. IE using a old CBP config not setup for the new bones.

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