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Best F4 mod guides.

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Hi, yay for me i just bought f4 goty on steam sale 70% off. unfortuantely i won't have my pc for a month or two and am looking for any great f4 guides and modlists to plan a setup.

i have been playing modded skyrim for a few years and understand a bit more than the basic's but still sweet fuck all, my current SE setup is Full Yashed guide with Cathederal eveyrthing. as a base game and then my LL setup added. this is what i want to do with F4, Have a Solid base such as Yashed and then do my own thing after. 

Can anyone point me to the most updated Mod guides such as yashed or nordic for F4, and also LL mod lists / builds?

I played f4 and all dlc'c on console when it first came out and i honestly can't be fucked sitting through 200 youtube mod list's with MXR (sorry MXR)

i just want to setup and play. any idea's are appreciated.

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