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Auto Sex Int Fail

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17 hours ago, jhbp9516 said:

My sim is trying to service her clients but no matter where she is it always says Auto sex int failed. Ive tried so mnay different beds, couches, everything. WW is updated to the latest version.

'Clients' meaning you have another mod like Nisa's WP installed?


Does WW work right when just using regular sims?


Edit: I have noticed auto-sex won't work at all in some public venues like Nightclubs and Lounges unless there is a private location available for sex.

They will use the bathrooms non-stop for toilet animations though, but I got tired of it and put 'No Sex' signs up.

I had edited many of those same lots in the past by adding beds in the main areas and sims used to go at it like rabbits, but no more.

The Bar in Sulani had no problems with sims doing public sex on chairs and such.

So something happened either with the patch or WW that changed this.

Seems related to a new 'privacy' bug.


Manual Sex still works fine on all viable objects no matter the location.   

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I have the same issues unless Im at home.  I have my bed marked for slutting but they also use kitchen counters and couches that aren't marked, Im not sure if its related to the auto-animation that is chosen by the client, that maybe I don't have a required item so it causes the failure maybe?  In public places it is normally just a toilet in the bathroom unless there is private rooms in the venue you are visiting, since I replace default venues with my own, I tend to make sure there is privacy available, its the only workaround I have found to work, and I still mark items useable for "slutting" when I arrive at the venues just to be sure.  Maybe give that a try?

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13 hours ago, JulieTibs said:

and I still mark items useable for "slutting" when I arrive at the venues just to be sure.  Maybe give that a try?

Lol, not even sure what that is.

Not using any prostitution mods.


I assumed all WW viable sex objects would work, (I mean they used to anyway).

My only workaround so far has been to just use manual selection with the autonomous switch off.

I had the Sex Location Memory & Animation Memory disabled to allow random.

But I have re-enabled them now and ran some bed and sofa animations at home to memorize them.

Have yet to try autonomous at the Nightclub to see if it makes any difference.

Privacy switches are, and were, all disabled.

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I would love to have some kind of "no sex" sign or something that makes a specific room off limits for sex too.  I have every single one of my 10 bedrooms/beds, plus every couch, loveseat, chair and hottub marked for slutting, and the stupid idiots all try fitting in the 4 bathrooms instead..........


Plus, i get the sex auto sex int fail error.   Its just plain stupid.


Not to mention, i think there is some further conflicts between wickedwhims and wicked perversions, because when you have clients coming over for the escort option, no other sims in your house can have sex normally, and you cant change sex locations.  The only options that come up when you click another place is the settings for wicked whims.


BTW, both my mods are up to date.

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3 hours ago, RayneStorm1968 said:

I would love to have some kind of "no sex" sign or something that makes a specific room off limits for sex too.

WW already has the 'no sex' signs for rooms just type in sex in BB mode  to find them.


If you use those signs in public restrooms it may completely stop all regular WW autonomous sex on that lot though.

WW has some weird things going on right now, for me anyway.

If sims don't have any private locations with 4 walls and a door they likely won't do it either.

Most problems are with autonomous sex but manual mode still works fine.

Sims seem far more picky now about wanting to use private locations.

You could also try disabling the Private Locations switch in Autonomous/Specifics for testing.


I suspect Nisa's WP fails and throws the error due to WW having stricter settings for compliance or maybe even some game bugs/WW bugs.

Don't have Nisa's WP installed but I suspect something else is going on with WW now.


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I suddenly started getting the Auto Sex Init Failure but I managed to fix it! I have a strip club / brothel with 12 NPC dancers all registered to lost Eden, aswell as 7 player sims also registered to lost Eden. I have the "no sex on lot" picture (in BB) and "sex in room permitted" pictures in the rooms I want my escorts to take their clients. In two of the rooms, I put the beds next to the wall and I started getting the error message. Turns out (after a bit of testing) all I had to do was move the bed off the wall so both sides are accessible and the error stopped! Now all 19 girls autonomously service their clients.

Such a weird bug as they wouldn't go to the rooms with accessible beds if another room had the bed next to the wall. Not sure if this will help everyone experiencing this issue but it worked for me. 

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On 3/20/2021 at 1:49 PM, Scorpio said:

Which mod are you talking about?

Can you be more specific about your problems.

What he means: "I have an error and dunno how to fix it, further i dont know if im doing it wrong.", so he blames the mod to be "unplayable", while the mod itself works for the majority of the users.

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