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help with Family Planning Enhanced Baby Addon's

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this is for

so I am working on the next update, and I have a problem with an art object and material swaps


The Holding baby armor uses an Art Object to place the baby in the correct position


and I have no idea how to apply a Material Swap onto an Art Object (if it is even possible)


Baby Positions

Back - Works fine

Front - Works fine

Holding Front - Works fine

Holding - Doesn't Work


the image shows an attempt at not using an art object for this mod


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the image shows an rough idea of how it works

normal armors work like this --- Armor -> Armor addon(Mat)

this is how the baby holding works --- Armor -> Armor addon -> Art Object(Mat)


and as far as I can tell Material Swaps don't work on Art Objects

(unless someone knows to do that which is why this thread exists)


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