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Creature Animation problem...

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The website seems slow to me today. If I accidentally double post this thread I'm sorry!


So once upon a time wolves dogs bears dragons and alike could have fun in my modded game. Like, a lot of fun... unrealistic non-stop fun. Then, and read me out, I installed Deviously Cursed Loots.


I've went through all of the settings of all of my mods many times to try and fix this. DCL, Defeat, Death Alternative and then some.




MatchMaker worked on a dog in riverwood. It won't work on wolves.

I can't seem to use G to have fun with very many people anymore, and necro (using G) with most creatures is broken. (for when my dumb followers decide to kill the animal that wanted to have fun)


I HAVE seen wolves have fun with NPC's, but there's no way to trigger wolf animations with the player anymore. (I may have gotten MatchMaker to work once or twice on Wolves, but it's not consistent. This may be related to arousal/horniness/pleasure variables, that's the only thing left on my list of ideas, and my main female character is very... promiscuous.




Please help me fix my creature animations!

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