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Flat satellite dish belly

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Title. It happens when the belly of my female character gets inflated. I'm thinking it might be a skeleton but cannot test it more at the moment.

I know I had the same exact issue a while back but don't remember what I did to fix it exactly. I know using bodymorphs in slif seemed to partially fix that but then the belly looked even worse in shape so not sure. I'll supply some screenies and my LO later when I get home to my pc.

Writing here just in case anyone ecountered the issue so I could fix it faster, if not please ignore this post ;)

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Yeah yeah anyway here's a screen on how it looks, like a plate from the back; would've been a better description w/e at this point




Anyway as I thought using morphs instead of nio in SLIF does fix the issue so I'll just have to fine tune that one and it will be gucci

EDIT: switching to a different body worked too

EDIT2: I juggled baka's body mods around (I have a few versions archived, that included bodysliding its hdt/smp versions) and that appears to have fixed the issue (now I'm running the same setup of mods as I was before starting this thread). In other words I have almost no clue as to what was causing that to happen. It might have been some bodyslide stuck somewhere; then again no clue, might've been something else.

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