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[SEARCH] Any pregnancy mod that creates new adult NPCs?

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Any pregnancy mod that creates Children that becomes Adult NPCs and do -not- cause legit sexlab and other loverlab mods to crash?


Pregnant, gets Child (totally safe and non sexy in any way) that then grows up to be an Adult NPC (that is like any adult NPC).


Even a pregnancy mod that I can will humble skills mod so that the result is an adult NPC?

I use 'alternate actors' quite a bit. So I'd basically want to play my own children, and their children's children. But I use adult mods, so .. I want children that have grown up into adults.

Yes, this can be done with different forms of trickery and laying on hands. But it be cool and immersive if it would just work.


Please lets not discuss non-legit mods in this thread and other sites, so it gets locked.




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