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Sexlab Extra Voices - Dremora Voice Set

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Sexlab Extra Voices - Dremora Voice Set

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Sexlab Extra Voices - Dremora Voice-set


I couldn't find a Sexlab voice-set for Dremora, so I put this together.


It includes 20 dremora sound files that will play during Sexlab animations.


There is good variety, with a selection of insults, threats, heavy breathing, groans, sadistic laughter and other sounds.


Perfect for any malicious Dremora, Xivilai or Xivkyn.


Sexlab Extra Voices Expanded is required

The sound pack occupies the empty slot 19.




Install the aforementioned mod, then install Dremora Voice-Set and overwrite.


Go to Sexlab MCM, reset voice registry, then select voice slot 19 as voice.


Recommended Mods for a Dremora play-through:










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    Sexlab & Sexlab Extra Voices Expanded
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  • 1 year later...

holy shit, just when i decided to make a dremora playthrough i stumbled upon your mod. this is god-sent and like it wasn't enough you also put some nice recommended mods. Thanks and may I learn what mod does that bruises and scars in your screenshots?


EDIT: just found it myself, thanks for the mod!

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