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Skyrim GUNMOD Redux Part 2 - .44 Magnum


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Skyrim GUNMOD Redux Part 2 - .44 Magnum

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Skyrim GUNMOD Redux Part 2 - .44 Magnum



This is the second installment of the Skyrim GUNMOD Redux Project. The first part, the M1 Garand, can be found hereMore information regarding the project as a whole can be found on that page for those that may be interested. What this mod alone does is add a .44 Magnum revolver to your game.


About the Weapon:

Firstly, if you're unfamiliar with how most pistol weapon mods work in Skyrim, they generally use staves as the base. So this will function similar to how a staff would in game. (i.e it will use staff animations, have the staff icon in UI, etc.). If you want pistol animations for a more immersive experience, I highly recommend checking out the mod, Pistol Shooting Animations by gaju on the Nexus. This mod is built around vanilla animations, however, so you'll have to reposition the weapon yourself via NifSkope if you plan on using those animations, he has a guide on how to do so on that mod page. Another thing, this mod doesn't contain any scripts to enhance the weapon, so you may find it to be somewhat weak depending on what difficulty you play on, what level you are, your enemy's level, enemy type, etc. Pistol mods tend to be pretty weak without scripts, but I've given this weapon the highest base damage possible as well as bleed damage so hopefully you don't find it horrible to use. Unfortunately, I'm not too good with scripts and I don't have permissions to use anyone else's for this mod. But if anyone else wants to write scripts to be used with this mod, I'd be happy to implement them in a future update and of course give due credit.


Anyway, to obtain the weapon you can craft it at any forge. It fires 6 shots before depleting. It can be refilled with soul gems like any staff type weapon or you can also craft ammo for it at a forge. You'll be given 6 bullets each time you craft ammo.






If you're not using a mod manager, to install manually, just drop the contents of this file into your Skyrim\Data folder.







Programs Used:







Original Mod


Thank you to xillus for the original mod and Ghosu for allowing modders to freely use his assets


Other Mods:






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On 11/21/2019 at 5:58 PM, サマエル said:

Nothing like a .44 to get rid one of those Shrikes, thanks

Glad you like it.


Also, I'm working on getting out an update for this asap so keep an eye out for that. I've realized I forgot to include the ammo meshes, so when you go into the crafting menu and hover over the ammo it just appears blank.

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