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strip club not showing in wicked whims settings

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I did an update of the game this morning and I also downloaded the most recent  wicked whims. I also deleted some  custom trait mods in case it was affecting it. Wicked whims does load but the strip club settings are not there. Does anyone know of a mod that may be cause the strip club setting to not load in wicked whims? I already have the most recent UI mod downloaded and do not have any custom furniture which has been reported to have caused problems previously. I had no issues with the strip club setting before the update. One time a while back a new tv channel mod broke the strip club settings but there have been no problems since that issue. Any help or ideas as to why the strip club is not showing up in wicked whims setting would be greatly appreciated.

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You must have the Patreon version of WW, yes?


You can usually get faster help on WW Discord for Strip Club problems since it's only available with Patreon versions anyway.


But it's probably another mod like you said.


Did you delete your localthumbcache after updating everything?

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