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Issues with certain animations not playing

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For some odd reason, all but 1 mmf animation refuses to play, even though they are enabled in sexlab and they have been registered through SLAL. Everything shows fine in the MCM menus, but when I attempt to use them, it's like they can't be found.


Now I've heard about animation caps and all that, so I've uninstalled a few animation packs as well as disabled all the animations I didn't want or wouldn't use much anyway. I ended up with only 1 page of animations in the sexlab toggle animations tab.


So this happens when I start a threesome, ive used mass matchmaker and follow me for sex to try to do these: 



As you can see in the top left hand corner, it says it's going to play one of the animations, looks good so far but...

7d6318af3e5de4713fec8c27c8478010.thumb.jpg.1eec073f8bc535c4cd16a74736ec9e2f.jpgThen, when the actors get to it, the animation changes...


What's wrong with that, you may ask? Well, it's the only mmf animation that ever works. It's the only one the game is finding when I attempt to do this. If I bring up the list to try and change it...



Here is all the animations I have for mmf that are in game and activated and remember I only have 1 page of animations, so I know im not using too many...





I have tried reinstalling the animations, reinstalling FNIS, cleaned the animation registry, suppressed all disabled animations etc etc...


I really hope someone can help. I've been driving myself crazy over this for a day now. FNIS sees all the animations, the MCM sees them, I just don't know why they are not being played even after I disabled a bunch of animations. I used to have 2 full pages, so yea, I got rid of a pages worth of animations trying to get the game to accept them.


Edit: Wow, so I kept messing with things in MCM, nothing was working, then my follower comes up to me and asks if i have the key for his belt. Like......wait what?! He put on a chastity belt and I don't remember that happening. I took it off him and bam....all the animations are there. Still sort of odd it would even let me do 1 at all with him, and in one of the pictures hes not wearing a belt.


Welp, if anyone else has an issue like this, check your followers. I can't believe it was that simple. LOL

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