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Any method of making an altmer look like a nord(pretty face pack)?


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I always loved nords and imperials, since face mods like prettyface caters towards it. But i tried making an altmer and they look horrible. Are there ways to make yourself classified as an altmer while looking like a nord? Or any mods that beautify the altmers? bethesda made the elves really ugly, even for males too.

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I'm using the envision face mod and RAN's headmesh, plus whatever parts of XCE that isn't overwritten by those two mods, which makes my female wood elf look a LOT better, though I'm not sure how close that is to what you're looking for. But they look smoother, have softer features and look more feminine now.


Here's a picture.


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if i'm not mistaken there's a feature in the creation kit where u can set a race,in this case the elves,to use the same meshes,textures etc as another race (nords) i think it's called ...face morph bla bla can't tell for sure cuz my creation kit has crashed. perhaps someone can fill in the blanks? i've tested it on my dark elves and it works cuz i also find the elven races of tamriel extremly unstunning.

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this is my Bosmer(wood elf) character but the same method I use applies to any character. Grab this..http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/13623 "Race Morpher", its just a small .esp that u make sure is last in your load order, and it allows you to select what morphs you want to use on your race(so that means all the nose/facial presets etc become available to you). For example on my Bosmer I use Nord morphs, and the cool thing is it unlocks all the skin tones (from elf to orc) as well so you can customise your character more. One thing though as an elf because you would be using a nord/breton/imperial etc headmorph you lose the ears, however grab this http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/21459 "Nouserheres Ears" to grab some wearable ears to fix that as well....add your favourite body mesh,skin textures, eyes etc and voila your character is unique....and oh yea doing it this way leaves all the other Altmer/Bosmer/Dunmer looking as they normally would so this may not be exactly what you are after. Hope that helps :)


PS- I use this headmorph BFG - Better FaceGen http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/6953 which I highly recommend or you could try RANS....just so you get nicer less 'broad' facial features :)


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