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Exception report

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That error log doesn't  report very much to pinpoint the specific problem.


You must be using the Patreon version of WW.


It it the latest version or


Since the patch broke quite a few other cc mods and script mods.

Make sure you have all the 'majors' updated too, if you also use MCCC, Nisa's WP, etc.


And delete your localthumbcache in your TS4 folder every time you add, update, or remove mods.


Sometimes you have to cut/paste your entire mod folder to desktop and run the game without any mods.

ONLY load to the town map screen, not your family.

Make a new 'save as' like Test or something.

It makes a clean save for a starting point and it sometimes clears up some problems


Exit, delete localthumbcache, and cut/paste Mods folder back into TS4.


One file will try to overwrite, 'resource.cfg', just cancel it because the game just made a new one.  


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