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Bloodstained: RotN Male Monster “Enhancements”?


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Hello, everyone!


So, I’ve been playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night a lot recently, it’s a very fun game that is enhanced just that slight bit more by adding a few lewd mods into the mix.


There’s several mods to make Miriam a bit more risqué in terms of clothing, as well as a mod to make all of the female monsters a bit more “easy on the eyes”.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a mod that gives the male monsters anything to show off!


So this post is simple, I’m here to ask for a mod that gives the male monsters a bit of oomph downstairs, preferably one that does it for monsters like the Wolfmen, Gieremund, and Dragons.

Had I any modding experience outside of changing the colors of armor in Monster Hunter, I’d do this myself, but alas...

So! I’m here to see if there’s one that exists that I just missed, or if anyone might be interested in giving it a go!


No pressure! I can live without, this is a good game either way, just a simple request to make it a bit more enjoyable when I need to farm Wolfmen or Dragons for Shards.




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None currently exist. That doesn't mean that will last forever as plug and play mesh and texture replacement mods are fairly easy to implement in Unreal Engine 4 (relatively speaking, anyway), which just so happens to be the same engine used to make Oh So Hero!, a game that has nothing but male nudity in it.

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