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Modded armour for Custom Races

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So, basically what the title says. I'm using the SoS body for most of the male characters in my game however I've decided to use the Dizona body for my own character (using Custom Races) for a bit of personalisation. The only problem is that when I try to use a armour for the Dizona body any exposed skin turns that 'missing texture flavored bubblegum' purple. So I was wondering if it's possible to use modded armours for a unique body or If I have just use Dizona Body for everyone.


Inserted images of my character wearing an armor made for the Dizona Body vs how he normally looks. I should point out that wearing any vanilla armours that show skin will show the SoS body so issue must be that the armor is using the vanilla skin. I need to find a way to get it to use the custom skin



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Obviously the armor made for the Dizona Body has texture "path" issues - pointing to a different directory or to a directory that doesn't exist.  You can fix this using Outfit Studio - import the armor part .nif that has the body as part of the armor (vs shoes for example), highlight the body in the "meshes" pane, double-click it, then click the "textures" button. There you can modify the texture path to the correct directory / files.  After doing so, since it has a body, export "to nif with reference".

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