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Skyrim CK - Modern Weapons

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How about new Section for Skyrim - "Skyrim Creation Kit" or something like this...

Anyway im Asking for Help :)...


Ty Melodic, Baka and Halo's for Your help ^_^



I'm looking for someone who can create Modern Weapons for Sausan :)...

If You already made Mod that includes Modern Weapons it would be nice if You give me permissions to use it ^_^...


Right now im building Sausan Desert Exterior World for Sausan Hotel :)...

You may already heard about this Mod ^_^



Here is example of Exterior World:




This is Sausan Toxic Water Purification

Not gonna say too much about Sausan, if You want OLD version of Sausan is on my Discord: https://discord.gg/2Vh6NVc


Old version is not including what you can see on this Image and also is not including many other things :)...




Anyway... anyone who can help Sausan? :)...

With Permissions or Work ^_^...

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