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Randomly lose control of the camera(after too many sexlab interactions?)

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Has anyone ever lost control of the camera? (PC)  every so often something happens (like too many guard interactions) and Its like my keybindings change. I have a default keybinding set up.. W moves forward, moving the mouse moves the camera.


When my game bugs - the keys still work, but moving the mouse spins my character in place. (and stuck in 3rd person). meaning I cant actually change which way im looking. so I could enter a room, but not be able to ever exit it because ill never "face" the door.



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If you can get to a workbench or a cooking-pot and activate it, that usually fixes the problem for me. 

I think if you turn the tfc command on then off, it will reset which way the camera is facing. it won't fix the movement but it may help you navigate. 

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Sometimes I lost control of the camera when playing GS animations. If I start the animation while the camera is unattached (sexlab have this functionality) I might not be able to see my character again.


With sexlab you can lost control if you go to first person and then change the animation.

Best way for a POV is to leave it unattached, then direct it to the head of the character, like in the screenshot below:



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this happens occasionaly in my game, its almost always the result of my character being involved in something that has me watching them in 3rd person, when an animation is called (Like my wolf decided to get friendly while im chopping wood)  Inveriably it leads to the wonky controls and messed up camera when it happens, the Good news is that if you just wait (or if you can actively start) another animation scene, it will put your character back to rights when its done.

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