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way to convert new slider (OS and BS) to Race menu body slider? (solved)

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Hi,, I could find some tutorial which we can edit tri, then show them in Racemenu, (and you can do samething with ECE)

with use a few tri plug in,, it can edit tri files with blender 2.7  then I could test to show new slider for ECE  and it worked.

(when I make them,, I usualy use,, this tool,, Thanks PaulGreen,,)




Then  ,, we can add new slider  in Outfit Studio, without using tri plugin ..

but  use other 3d modeling tool, (import ,export obj as new slider data, in OS  , then generate slider set of project)   then  it work when we generaete body or outifit mesh from Body slide which use new custom slider delta.  at same time BS generate  tri too. (to change 0 to 100 weight)

it is more easy,,, (we do not need to edit many ini or setting files,,)  just import slider, or overwite then save ,,,, 


Now I hope to know way,,

after add new slider (by import obj of fbx etc) in OS ,,  use them in Racemenu as same as other default sliders,,,, 

I believe,, there should be way, because new 3bbb mod already offer new slider for 3bbb shape in Race menu 3bbb category, as same as CBBE or (UUNP)

 (for PC making or we can  tweak NPC body in game )


Then I really apreciate if there is simple but correct tutorial to get custom  BS slider visible (and editable) in Racemenu without  import tri to blender etc,, 

or any tips apreciate,, (at least if  you already test it and can confirm it work,,) thanks.   it is one of my personal task,, to play skyrim modding from LE,,

I still do not know clear step,,,.


(then if there is tool, which we can easy add new BS slider in RS,, or BS generate those tri files for RM,,, It enhance our customize much,,I hope to request it ,,

but at current,, I hope to know each step clear,,,, )


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OK thanks,, I really needed to check already offered file, from great modders.? why I did not try it,, before.. 


So to show body slide sliders,, we need to activate racemenuMorphsXXXX.esp with script RacemenuMorphsXXX.pex in script folda.


then If I hope to add new slider for XXX body,, I keep body reference name,, but add slider in OS,, then save new project.

(it is usuall way we add new slider for already offered Body )


So I only needed to edit the script source, of which I hope to add slider,,

, eg RacemenuMorphsXXX.psc   and re compile it.. with use Racemenu Script loose file, 


I think it seems not good manner,, to show how edit other modder pakaged  script,, but actually I only need to add new strings as same as other slider name,  in the psc,, and set count of sliders as new string,,   and re-compile...

I do not need any additonal work,,, (of course I keep default source and script ,, If I made wrong,,)


Though I did  not think,, it work ,, but actually it worked for me,,  at least with 3bbb amazing body,,,, ^^; 

I thanks again 3BBB author,, and bodyslide team,, RaceMenu author,,  etc etc.. and this really good forum..,







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