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XPMSE issue: ERROR(53)

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Hi, I encountered a problem: after installing the XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended and running FNIS in MO2 I got the following message:


ERROR(53): can't find file 'temporary_logs\Skeleton.xml'.


Interestingly I could find it in the override folder but copying it to the FNIS Output didn't solve the issue.


Does anyone know how to fix this?



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6 hours ago, Sledge1964 said:

I'm having the exact same problem - did you ever find a solution?


I didn't, I'm afraid. However, I couldn't see any real impact of this error on my game either, so I decided to ignore it.


The only thing this issue seems to be doing is preventing FNIS from building animations. If you get the error, leave FNIS, clear the overwrite folder and run FNIS again, it works fine. You'll have to repeat this each time you want to add/ update your animations in FNIS, but it's not that big of a deal as you most likely won't be doing that very often.

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