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Strange CTD on Hover-Over Issue

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So, I made a small ESP, just a quality of life thing, the only thing it does is add 1 cooking recipe and a recipe note. It is dependant on anothe rmod.


I am an issue, where the recipe shows up in the cookpot list, but when I hover over it, the game CTD's. I have made sure to make my plugin load AFTER the mod it requires. Any idea of what could be causing this?


Here is an image of what the recipe looks like in CK:




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8 minutes ago, Heroine of the Night said:

Might have to add it to a formlist? Your in game, you use cookpot and you'll see you desired food product but as soon as you go to click it CTDs before you can even click it? 

Yeh it crashes before I can even click it, its as soon as the mouse pointer moves over it.

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4 minutes ago, Heroine of the Night said:

Load your plugin into post, Your recipe looks good and is showing up in game. Got to be something with object it would create. 

Ok, so figured something out.


When I list the item I want it to create, that is part of another plugin/mod, it crashes. When I make a duplicate of said item, name it something else, it does not crash and creates the item just fine.

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