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Thieves Guild Complete = Random Thief

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10 hours ago, hogsmaws said:

Not sure where to put this but after completing the guilds main quest there is an annoying thief that keeps popping up in and causes calamity which sometimes gets npcs killed. you can read about it here.


Random Thief - look under TRIVIA section


is there a mod or instructions on editing an esp to turn this off?



If you mean the random thief will occasionally kill people fighting back when caught trying to break into a shop


A) This doesn't just happen at the end but any time after you join

B) doesn't kill anyone in my game so I don't know if that is usual or not. Sometimes a shop keeper will try but generally the guards take out the thief before anything happens.


One of the Thieves Guild overhaul mods I think had an option to disable that thief.

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