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  1. i placed this toilet on a lot in the past using console cheats (furniture unlock & hidden objects) but now the toilet won't show up in build mode anymore. did the recent patches disable the cheats?
  2. is there a mod that prevents NPCs (usually guards) from talking about and revealing map markers? effin annoying AF.
  3. Brelas the Wood Elf from the Thalmor Embassy
  4. Did you ever wonder what happened to Brelas at the Thalmor Embassy?
  5. no tri. its a body nif that just has the 0 and 100
  6. does anyone know if I have the NIF 0 and 1 files can i turn that into a preset?
  7. hello - looking for a female monk robe (or just robes) in general mod that is not a replacer. ty
  8. ok thanks for the assist. the instructions are for if you haven't built a body and batch-built armor/clothes already right? i think i need to see where i need to jump in because i've already built my UNP body and already have all the armor/clothes batch-built as well.
  9. the second link is an SE mod. I'm on oldrim but not sure if it has an LE version i guess i'll check.
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