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  1. hey thanks this tool is really helpful!
  2. assuming you use kijiko lashes, did anyone here use S4S to change the body type category from "Glasses" to something else?
  3. the hair seems to be incompatible with kijiko eyelashes. is there a fix we can apply or is that the way it is?
  4. all i do to fix it is fast travel somewhere.
  5. i think most use a breast sep-slider so i'm assuming that this is just something that we'll have to live with?
  6. but it has to be a bug in a mod we're using. the vanilla sim ladies don't have this issue.
  7. so i've had this issue sine day one of Sims 4 modding and I have no idea where to even begin diagnosing the issue. its random and it's clears up with a simple travel or location change. anyone know why this is happening? ty
  8. anyone use this mod? i started a new save game with it and i'm still getting pre-made holidays. i think the mod is outdated and no longer working. anyone else use it with a different outcome? NoPremadeHolidays.package
  9. i found the issue - its the hair (see file attached). Anto Astra. i changed the hair style and its normal. its the hair that is making the arm go screwy Anto_S4Hair_210_Astra.package
  10. no it's still doing it (see attached pics) but what the heck is this file? not sure why it's in my HAIRS folder. its the outfit check id mod script. its ok.
  11. hello i was hoping someone could help with a weird issue I'm having when sims are startled or surprised. the arms/elbows go higher than it should. i think someone is going to say its a "rig" issue but how would i identify the culprit? thanks in advance mc_systeminfo.html
  12. hey all i was wondering if anyone could help me with command line for copying clothes and makeup from the everyday category to every other category (including career). the only code i know that resembles copying is: outfit.copy sleep 1 bathing 1 include hair makeup tattoos so i'm not sure if there is a catch? thanks in advance.
  13. just a little background: i think i have a mild case of OCD so i hate it when my sims keep getting skills i don't want. i just found this mod https://triplis.github.io/mods/lock-skills.html it lets you freeze the skills and also allows you to individually allow certain ones after the freeze so that they can learn and progress those specific ones only. not sure how old this mod is but apparently its not affected by EA updates. i have been searching for something like this since the beginning so hopefully it helps whoever else has ocd. p.s. - it only works for normal skills (i.e. no sex skills)
  14. just wanted to ask the community if there is a way to make sims that i have customized to not revert to vanilla hair and makeup when they are in hospital gowns. it doesn't happen to all of them but some of them seem to have this issue. any ideas on how to fix? is this something like the: outfit.copy sleep 1 bathing 1 include hair makeup tattoos? ty
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