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Small & Saggy 4 WW (Beta)

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Small & Saggy 4 WW (Beta)

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This chest morph is still slightly buggy, unfortunately I don’t think it will get any better.
I hope someone will still find it useful...


New slider morph

It flattens and reshapes the Wicked Whims (default) chest.
- It may not be compatible with other mods using the chest slider.



Slider (body) preset
Adjusts the shape of your sim with one click.
- 90% S&S, 50% Small (EA)



Sculpt version (new)

An alternative version, using sculpts instead of sliders.
- 4 presets, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
- Reset option for the default breast size.
- It is less customizable, but it doesn't conflict with slider mods.
- It may conflict with other chest sculpts.


Chest overlay

Removes cleavage and smoothens the chest for proper appearance.


- Works with basic skin tones and (some) semi-transparent CC blends.
- Occupies the chest tattoo layer.


I can also recommend the Skinny & anorexic sims overlay which is fully compatible with this slider.


- Wicked Whims (default) top mesh


How to install

- As usual, just drop the *.package files in the
  ...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
  folder. (after extracting them)


How to use 'default' body mesh in WW?
- Click on your sim / Wicked... / Body Selector...
  More info here: Nudity body selector
- If it doesn't seem to work, try installing the 'Ea Mesh' (top.package) linked above. 


How to change the appearance of an existing sim?
- press ctrl + shift + C
  testingcheats true
- shift + click on sim
- Modify in CAS



- The Sims 4 MorphMaker
- The Sims 4 Package Editor

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    Wicked Whims


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Guest 2000Man

This is one of my favorite mods.  I use it on my Simwife, who like my real wife is pretty flat chested. It has become a fetidh of mine, and petite flat chested women with big butts really turn me on.  Cant get enough of them.

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