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  1. Yes, use the "Sculpt Version" it was made for these kinda situations. Correction: The slider version can be used as a slider on the chest region there's no need to use the preset in the "body type" section. (see more info at the 1st post) Use the sculpt version in case you have a confliction between slider controls.
  2. Normally I would say that’s impossible, but I have not tested it on the newest game versions.
  3. Lol. I guess the next mod we need is a driving license prop. Just tell them that all poligons were above 18.
  4. To each their own... If you like it curvy, you just want to make them a bit smaller, maybe Small & Saggy will be more of your thing.
  5. WW allows you to select different mesh for each Sim, without any problem. (more info here) I’ve also made a Small & Saggy 4 WW mod, but its far from perfect, and I can’t really recommend it.
  6. Yep, that’s what I was talking about, it’s not compatible with the WW top. Please follow the description and use the 'Original Ea mesh', or this guide for 'LUUMIA TIT-E'. Also... Wasn’t this working for you before? I’m confused.
  7. Either: - something is already influencing the chest shape (other mod) - you’re using a non default (compatible) top (like the WW top)
  8. Aren’t the masculine female chest flat enough? What am I missing here? Or did you meant the overlay only?
  9. If indeed that’s the case, I’m afraid I can’t do much about it, lets hope either a Sims bug fix will come out, or TS4MorphMaker will adapt to the changes. The only thing you could still try, is to clear the Sims cache. (it’s easy, you can google it) Let me know if you've got it working somehow...
  10. I’ve double checked that I have the same version installed as the one posted, and it works fine for me, so maybe the newest Sims updates broke the compatibility with the old mods? (I do not update, or play my game anymore) I assume you have installed the mod to the correct folder, and enabled CC in the options menu. If you don’t need the mermaids and witches support, you can try version 1.2. If anyone else has any idea what’s going on, please let me know.
  11. Hmm... It’s hard to tell what's going on. As you can see, the overlay should only affect the chest and back regions. Try to temporarily disable any other mods you’re using, if that doesn't solve the situation, I would guess it's an incompatibility issue with the latest game versions. The flat chested overlay should have the same settings, do you have problems with that too?
  12. Please fix or repost your screenshot.
  13. I’m not sure what to say, it should.
  14. I’ve also opened a topic with a possible explanation:
  15. Well, the same thing would apply as with the mermaids, the sliders should still work, but the (sculpt) presets would not. The good news is that CmarNYC just released a new version of the TS4 MorphMaker (4.2) supporting mermaids and witches, unfortunately this version is still a bit buggy, and it’s a pain in the a’ to use it. Sadly, since s4pe still doesn't support witches, (and I had no luck with Sims4Studio) I had to use it anyway. Here’s the new beta version: FlatChested_Witches.rar Once again, I can’t test it myself, so please give me some f
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