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Hair conversion help (blender)


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Hi everyone


I was trying to convert some of the vanilla hairstyles in beast races (khajiit, orcs) to human, cause i made a replacer for them with a human head (Ren's).


So the vanilla hayrstyles no longer fit the head and it looks horrible.


A while ago i found http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/29030 this file in Nexus, it comes with human versions of the khajiit hairstyles (most of them) but i havent been able to find the same for orcs


So i wanted to take a shot at converting them myself cause i happen to know a thing or two about working with blender


But hair is different, ive worked with lots of clothing meshes, helmet meshes and even made new working and textured models from scratch. I know about bonewheights and stuff but i dont know a thing about hairs


I mean whats with all the .tri and .egm files? not a clue

But i really need this conversion in order to make my game nice so im asking for some support here


i already tried just editing the mesh opened with blender, and it was a disaster, all the textures were wrong later and the mesh clipped like hell


So if it's simple enough could you please tell me what to do?

If its not, would one of you be so kind to direct me into the right tutorial for this?


Thank you

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I believe this is what you need now.



And if you don't want to screw the things, do not directly import the hair from .nif file. Instead, export it to an obj and import into blender. Otherwise the hair's alpha channel will conflict each other and look like shits.


When importing it uncheck X90 option and make sure Keep Vert Order option is enabled.

After that, shift the object along the z axis by 11.2441 & y axis by -0.1187 if you want to adjust the shape.

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Thanks a lot! i actually forgot to say i tried with the conformulator before and some of the problems went away but i was doing the import/export thing as nif files, so i didt use the obj method before


So thank you very much, still havent tried it though, ive been a little busy but it sounds like this will work :)

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