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Slider Mod Compatible Sex Animations?

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5 hours ago, SimsLewds said:

Anyone at least know how the slider mod works?  Is it possible to replace the teen mesh with a completely new smaller one?

From what little I know about it I'd say nope, not possible.

A new, smaller body mesh, would need all new clothes for one thing.

And new animations would need to be made for everything in the game, not just sex.

Lots of potential for other problems too IMO.


The trick with the sliders is they usually just grow to full size for sex and then switch back to shorter/taller.

Can't go too extreme on the sliders or the sims start to look wonky.

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That's why I want to figure out how the slider mod works.  So I can make my own animations and poses that are compatible with a shorter sim.  I don't really care about broken animations as I already use a slider mod.  What I really need is to know if the slider mod has actual different sized meshes for the different heights, or if it's all done in game through some method.  I have 2 goals, the first would be to have a completely new mesh at a different height.  And if that's not possible, the second would be to figure out how to make poses that are compatible with the slider mod.  I'm assuming the posing would just be guess work and trial and error.

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