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Sexy outfit request


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Hi. I posted this request on the Nexus-forums, but noones even read it :dodgy: So thought I'd try here!

I found some artwork by Luis Royo, with three outfits that I REALLY would like to see in Skyrim :angel:

I'm using the UNPB BBP body, so I would like it if they were made to fit that body. Preferably in the "mash-up" style, so you can mix and match a bit.

The pictures were too large to upload, so I've provided some links instead.


This one is called Golden Kabala



Dark Words



The Pendulums Calm



I have no idea how these outfits are supposed to look from the side or back, so I suppose whoever makes them would have to get creative :)

(Provided of course, that someone would like to make them)

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