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  1. That's totally understandable. I don't really care if the stilettos are that varied. There are certain outfits that have some variations which would be nice to see with their regular heels though. Such as the vault suit.
  2. This works perfectly with the newest update. Thanks! Are you planning on adding the high-heeled version as well?
  3. Glad to see more amputation oriented changes in the latest update! Will you be adding more amputation-stuff going forward? If so, care to share what that might be? One thing I'd REALLY like to see, is the possibility for having the player be carried by their follower/other npcs, if they got their legs chopped off. Or maybe put into one of those dwemer suits. Also, being punished for carrying stolen goods by amputation: First a hand, then incrementally harsher punishments, if you get caught more times with stolen goods. Anyway, thanks for an awesome mod!
  4. I installed this mod, along with the BFT patch. But now, whenever I talk to a carriage driver to go somewhere, he asks "Where do you wanna go", and the only dialogue option I get is "Nevermind.." Not sure exactly what may be the cause of this. I use MO, and has placed the patch after both BFT and Devious Carriage in the load order. Anyone else had this problem? Are there any other known mods that conflict with this?
  5. Oooh, sexy ;D Any chance of getting these for UUNP as well?
  6. I'm really loving this mod. However, I'd like to request for it to be made compatible with ETaC. (Enhanced Towns and Cities) As of right now, the house from this mod is placed directly on top of a house from that mod. (Lodvi and Ulla's house). Maybe move it, like, 10 meters down the road or something?
  7. Ah, yeah I can see that being a bit of a hassle
  8. Just curious; are you planning on adding any functionality for additional followers? I think it'd be awesome if my devious followers would start making demands of my other follower if I am unable to pay, etc. Being whored out together with Serana sounds like a dream come true
  9. Hey. So, I've grown a bit out of the concept of being an adventurer in Skyrim. Nowadays I play it more like a Slice of Life style RPG, usually as a mundane character just trying to make a living. And I've been thinking about how life actually was for people during the medieval times, and especially women. They were usually not in control of their own life choices. I'd like to see some of that in Skyrim. Medieval life revolved around family. Young women were expected to be pure and virtuous, get married (usually arranged/forced) and make babies, as well as cooking/cleaning, and do other chores that did not involve heavy labour. So this request might be a bit demanding I suppose, but I'd like to see a mod with these features. - One or more alternate starts where you begin as part of a family. You have maybe a couple siblings, a mother, and a father that is the head of the family, who gives you money and tasks/chores, such as: "Go sell these cabbages at the market. Buy a new pickaxe/woodcutters axe. Milk the cows. Sweep the floor. Make dinner" (The Shoal's Rest farm alternate start and Family Ties-mod would be perfect to expand upon.) Failing to do these tasks may result in a beating or being locked in a shed/the basement (and potentially some incestuous content, like a forced blowjob. - Arranged Marriage: You have been promised to some other npc, and are expected to comply without any form of protest. Protesting may lead to being sold off, [(Simple Slavery)] or cast out of the house, disowned, tied up in the basement as a sextoy, forced prostitution([Radiant Prostitution)], etc. - Chastity checks: Once in a while, especially if you've been away from the house, your father or mother will check to see if you are still a virgin. This will also be done by your new family if/when you get married. If you are a virgin, not much happens. If not, you may receive a beating, be sold off or cast out. Your parents may also decide to outfit you with a chastity belt once in a while. -Domestic Abuse: Once you are married, your spouse acts in many ways like your new "father". I'd also like there to be some chance for your spouse to be violent and abusive. -Pregnancy outside of Marriage: If you are discovered being pregnant [(Being Female)] you will be beaten, stripped and cast out of your home. -Getting an abortion. If you are pregnant but it hasn't been discovered yet, you may seek out a witch who might help you, for a price. Small quest to find some specific ingredients/flowers. This would of course work best together with other mods, like Realistic Needs, Frostfall, Bathing in Skyrim etc. Sexlab Survival is also great, and has some features that goes very well with this. Like needing an escort if you leave town, getting thrown out of your house at a certain bounty threshold. Sexlab Adventures is also very nice, with the option to give bounties for walking outside at night, public nudity etc.
  10. I see. Yeah, I have some of the same issues with DF. I'd like to see some kind of "resistance" functionality in that mod, so that you don't have to just accept everything the follower does to you.
  11. Looks interesting! Don't take this the wrong way though; It feels a bit redundant, what with the Devious Followers Continued mod serving basically the same function. This is meant purely as constructive criticism. But you should probably focus on making this mod work in tandem with DFC somehow, or at least make sure it doesn't end up performing the exact same function. Edit: My bad, I failed to notice this one is specifically for Skyrim SE. Not sure if DFC supports that.
  12. I've been experiencing somewhat of a problem recently: When my character gets tied up through Cursed Loot, and I ask my Devious Follower to help, they will say that the items are "too devious" for them to help. Even though it's just regular items like armbinder, boots, blindfolds etc. I've been trying to figure out how to configure the settings for this, but can't find it. Also, it just seems to be on some followers. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  13. Nice mod! Could you make it so that you also lose some of your known spells?
  14. Glad you're back! Looking forward to seeing how this mod develops You're work is always awesome
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