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Max Quality Config settings for Code Vein


These are very very likely to be incompatible with a large chunk of reshade presets as they basically do the same thing or try to turn the game into a 2D ~animuuguuu~ style or just add pink and/or yellow to everything, including transparent objects and shadows. That stated, I haven't tried to combine any and maybe it looks amazeballs. Whatever.


Max Quality Tonemapping: tone map curve is now based on the ACES/Dolby12 HDR standard. While it will be harder to notice if you don't have a 10bit monitor, even on 6 and 8 bit the removal of flattened contrast and washed the fuck out luminance values will be pretty obvious. Note that this is not actual HDR screenspace usage, as Shift disabled that because why not.


1/2 Max Res Shadows at max Quality: Object, Pawn and Global shadows changed to 4096x2, except for cutscenes which are still dot matrix bad in several scenes. Note that local/instanced light sources are disabled on pawns except for very very few objects, probably to get this to run at all on consoles, so what shadows you get are pretty, but there ain't very many and SSAO, even reshade MXAO is going to look off.


Bloom Diffusion: Bloomed materials now receive correct scattering and haze instead of simply being full bright.


Max LOD: All objects and Pawns will use the highest tessellation regardless of distance. This includes any static objects with LODs.


Indirect Shading/Lighting: Enabled for all five objects in game that actually have the right material properties to use it. Does make Falling Flame and Burning Sand prettier.


Motion Blur Removal: Get that shit out of here.


Depth of Field Removal: See above.


Volumetric Fog: Fog now actually occupies space instead just occluding the screen


Dithered AO: Max HBAO/SSAO (no hbao+ however, que lastima) settings where usable. Very likely to conflict with MXAO if using a reshade.


Max Diffusion SSS: Subsurface Scattering enabled and increased to Senpai Noticing Levels


Max Quality SSR: All five objects that have reflective properties now do so. Don't expect miracles because Shift apparently doesn't understand what the Material Property Panel does in UE4 other than make things glowy sometimes.


Max Quality Object Diffuse/Normals: All object and pawn textures forced to max resolution.


Max Detail Texturing: While the detail texturing is significantly improved, it an only be as good as the source texture it's derived from and you can't squeeze blood from a stone. Some places look much better like Depths and Caverns, some place look about the same as they did before like Cathedral.


Max Bandwidth Streaming: Contrary to popular belief, preloading in Code Vein simply isn't fully enabled, and you'll have streaming regardless of whether you enable it or not. The config set is for the highest bandwidth commercial cards available now, those settings will automatically default to your available ram and sustained bandwidth. This has not been tested on any IC of any flavor, so laptop users may wish to set things differently.


AA is disabled by default as most forms of AA and SSS/IBL don't get along and fxaa looks like gangrenous donkey balls. The relevant setting exist in the ini, research will be your burden.





By default this ini file is set to READ ONLY for obvious reasons. If you need to change anything you'll need to change the file properties. If you forget to set it to read only again, Code Vein will conveniently erase it at the earliest opportunity via a hard coded back up. You've been warned.


Test Beds:

Ryzen 2990+Titan RTX

Ryzen 3700+ 2080

I7 940+ 1080

I5 8500+ 980


No current gen AMD GPUs were available to test, so FPS may vary, but rather unlikely since Shift's spec is decidedly dated comparative to other current UE4 titles.






place the ini in




When asked to overwrite say yes. If you cannot overwrite you don't have admin and thus are obviously way too young to be downloading this file in the first place.















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