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Sexual Experience/Perk?


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How do I get sexual experience? My average sex count is like 5.1 times per day, I've had over 50 encounters and I'm still sex level zero! I have working girl installed and I want to whore it up at the Gomorroah (spelling?) casino, but they say I don't know what I'm doing yet. I admit some of that sex is rape, but most of it isn't!


Secondly, there's a perk I want, the one that lets you surrender and get fucked, but it's darkened out with no requirements. Does that require the mod that is similar to take the perk?


I wanna be a slut and they won't let me! x.x

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Isn't working girl ran by wsex.esp? If its the one I'm thinking of you need to check the "wsex options" under aids for the level and it will only raise levels if you use the wsex and working girl based dialog option not sexouts.

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I doubt it. Because the dialogue option mentioned in the mod SHOWED UP, she just said no to me. Like she even phrased it like the mod asked, so I know it's working. Also I whored myself to the ghouls at the rocket place, which is also part of that mod, so no I know the mod works already.


Edit: Zippy and I posted at the same time, thank you Zippy.


Anyone else?

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