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Memories Part 1

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Memories Part 1




He just stood there, looking around as if transfixed.  The young woman that was with him looked around with a bored expression on her face, obviously wishing she was somewhere else.

“It hasn’t changed since I was here with your mum… 25 years…”

The man lapsed again into silence.




The young woman didn’t reply, sighed and started to walk on.  The man took one last look and obediently followed.

Philip Jarvis was 52 years old.  His love of hiking had kept his physique fairly trim, although he was starting to get a little fatter around his middle than he would have liked.  He sported a full beard and wore eyeglasses for his shortsightedness.




Philip’s daughter, Bridgette, had Recently turned 21, and had just completed her final year of a sociology degree.  Bridgette was 5 feet 9 inches, with long auburn hair, a firm, well-proportioned figure and large breasts.  Being an only child, she was used to getting her own way and as she had grown had developed a rather haughty nature.




Philip’s wife Patricia, had died in a car crash 4 years earlier, just before Bridgette had started university.  Since then Philip had been celibate, clinging to the memory of Patricia.  As the day warmed, both father and daughter removed their jackets.  As they walked, Philip found his eyes drawn to his daughters perfect behind, covered only in the stretch lycra of her grey leggins.




After an hour they reached the stone circle on top of the hill.  Both father and daughter dropped their packs and sat down on one of the fallen stones.

“This is where I proposed to your mum,” Philip said simply.  This seemed to stir some emotion in Bridgette, who moved closer and cuddled into her father.

“Oh daddy, I still miss her,” she said.

Philip glanced at his daughter and saw that her eyes were filling with tears.  He put his arm around her, something he had not done in years, and both sat there, lost in their individual thoughts.




When they left the stone circle, the sun was getting low in the sky, so they walked to the only shop on the island to buy provisions for the next few days.




It was only a few hundred yards to the cottage that Philip had rented… the same one that he and Patricia had stayed in 25 years before.  Outside the cottage was just the same, however the inside had been refurbished.

Philip prepared their dinner whilst Bridgette had a shower.   After dinner and Philips shower, father and daughter sat outside and watched the sun slowly sink into the ocean. 




As dusk fell they went into the cottage and put on the TV.  Philip’s mind was drifting off in the past when he became aware of his daughter’s voice.

“Daddy, are you listening, I said this film is boring… Are you okay daddy?”

“Sorry honey, maybe coming back here wasn’t a good idea,

It just reminds me of your mum,” replied Philip wistfully.

“Oh Daddy,” said Bridgette sadly, “We both miss her.”

There was again silence and then Bridgette turned off the TV and smiled at her father.

“Come on Daddy, you remember when I was a little girl and you would cuddle me in bed, it always made me feel better.  Let’s go for a cuddle.




They went to Philip’s room and lay on the bed chatting and cuddling. 

“Do you remember how I would lie on top of you Daddy?  I used to love going to sleep like that because you couldn’t leave when I did.”




Bridgette rolled on top of her father and buried her face in his shoulder.  Philip buried his face in his daughter’s hair.  God, she smelled good, she

reminded him so much of his wife, how they would lie together touching…. To his horror, Philip felt his manhood start to harden.  The more he tried to will it to go down, the harder it got.



Presently Bridgette took her head from his shoulder and looked at Philip.

“Erm, Daddy.  I think I can feel something down there.”

Philip felt his face begin to

color with shame.




“I’m sorry baby… you just remind me so much of your mum,” Philip spluttered, “I mean, there has been no one since her… Honey, I think you had better get off.”




Instead of getting off, Bridgette again buried her head in her father’s shoulder and started rhythmically rubbing herself against her father’s swollen manhood. 

Her breathing become short and raggy.  “My god,” thought Philip, “My daughter is getting off on me!”

Although he knew it was wrong, he couldn’t bring himself to break the spell of the moment.

After a few minutes, Bridgette kissed him and left to go to her room.









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