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VotW Vintage Nude Films 09 For VotW 2.0+

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VotW Vintage Nude Films 09 For VotW 2.0+

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This is the VNF09 release updated to work with VotW 2.0+ It works for both TV's and Projector but not Drive in. The tapes are craftable at the Video crafting station.


11/05/2019 uploaded a new version. IMPORTANT!!!!!! YOU MUST DELETE the old version and install the new. There are a lot of changes to get everything including the audio files working and the ESP has been renamed also. You will have serious problems if you leave the old version loaded and load the new on top of it. You have been warned.


The new version works perfectly with audio on both the projectors and the TV's in game. I do NOT have the original video's and the quality of what I'm working with means there will NOT be a Drive-in Reels version. The quality is just too poor.


As a Bonus you'll also find I've uploaded an Updated version of the Zetan tapes. They too work fine with audio on both TV's and Projectors. I'll add the link once I set up the download page for it.


Here's the Link to the Zetan Video


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