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  1. I uploaded the 2.2.1 version and all the shops were closed and said key required to enter. When I added the Lore Patch it crashed my game. Is there a new step to entering the shops or is this a glitch I've encountered?
  2. I'm asking here because No one at nexxusmods seems interested in answering questions, Is Ostim and Sexlab compatable or should we only use one or the other?
  3. Well I'm at 60 total plugins mods and 59 active plugins on LE. I've been having recently issues of certain saves crashing when I start up the game and the whole game shutting off. Just started happening. But this rules out the plug in issue
  4. Questions: I'm using Nexus mod manager. 1. How do I count plug ins 2. does each individual enabled animation count as a plug in?
  5. Interesting, thanks for showing me. Also Rebuild and clean worked nicely on Sexlab so thank you again.
  6. LOL Oh God no, I try not to go above 50fps. Interesting mod though, I will check it out. thanks
  7. I've been encountering a weird glitch off and on in both LE and SE versions of Skyrim. it's usually triggered by Horrible harrassment Extended. But it's also been triggered by vanilla sexlab too. Basically the sex scene triggers and teleports you to that Giant camp outside of Whiterun and teleports you into the air. Has anyone else encountered this, or know what causes it? best I can do is provide a list of mods I have. beyond that, I'm kind of lost.
  8. tried it again and nothing. couldn't duplicate it either. guess it was just a fluke.
  9. I don't know, I'm not using any mods that involve crafting tables. Not sure what the conflict is.
  10. Encountered a glitch, after installing this mod in LE and running FNIS I found I could not use any Enchantment or Alchemy tables. The prompt to click on them was there, It just wouldn't let me. As soon as I unistalled it and ran FNIS again. I could access them fine
  11. Yeah being a Bard in Skyrim, Probably the most hystorically accurate version of a Bard I've ever seen.
  12. Yeah and then you had those Trolls out there just getting wild and Crazy. And they were clearly into big girls and rough sex. "He understands me," They would say to the Male Giants. (Keep it going!)
  13. Probably More Nasty Critters. I don't have Naked Giants as a mod. Although I'm amazed I've never seen her till now.
  14. So I was playing Skyrim LE when I saw her, Yes, I saw a Female Giant. I wish I had screen capped it but I don't know how to do that. I saw her wandering with a male Giant on the path Between Whiterun and Roriksted. Neither were hostile. While I could target her with SL I could not trigger a scene with either. Not sure why. Anyway, I'm not sure what mod actually gives us a Female Giant. I have very few new mods on this one. But I do have Babo Dialouge which I'm using for the first time. Anyway this is just a fun discussion bit On any sightings, stories or info about the Female Giant.
  15. I'm having an issue, when I click on Enable Creature Races, and show Armor slots Nothing happens. Is anyone else having this problem?
  16. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm actually wanting to use this for LE So That will work.
  17. Are the SG eyebrows and SG Hair hard requirements? Or can the mod function without them?
  18. Damnit! I always forget about this! Yeah this was the problem. Thank you for your help.
  19. For some reason I can't get this to activate on LE version using NMM. I thought I had the wrong skeleton model but that didn't fix it. Any help would be appreciated
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