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Gay (mostly retro) Paintings for Fallout 4

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Gay (mostly retro) Paintings for Fallout 4

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Just my personal gay paintings for Fallout 4, they can be found in the workshop/paintings category, mostly retro hardcore stuff, 60 paintings in total. You can install using any mod manager, esp file is flagged as esl, so it does not count to you load order. Enjoy!



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Thanks so much LukeDuke,  you put me into my happy place ? I looked over your files and noticed they are low res, but they look pretty good when framed. Some use huge 2+ meg files for each picture, I really can't see much difference unless I'm super close.


I hope you create more and post more for the gay lovers lab fallout 4 players.


I saw a replacer for all of the pics in game with men, but can't find it after my computer hard drive snafu ATM, they were awesome to see on the billboards and signage. Thanks again

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