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Anyone know any alternatives to DD- Captured dreams?

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Laura's Bondage Shop is best, totally consensual too.

There are mods like Shout Like a Virgin - a LOT of sex and torture though and it's not really BDSM.

Troubles of Heroine is worth a look bit its quite new. It has a thing where Jarl Balgruuf (spelling?) says having a female Dragonborn is bad for Nord morale so asks you to pretend that some guy is really the Dragonborn - he's a complete git though. More funny than anything else.

Submissive Lola - just favours rather than quests.

Pet Collar - not really tried it but maybe worth a look.

Deviously Cursed Loot has some quests, including one you can miss where you go back to Helgen and go through the tunnels you went through in the vanilla start. That's quite good.

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