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  1. The issue is caused about that in the NIFfile for this Headpart the BSDismemberSkinInstance as Body Part is setup Slot 41 ... the same slot that is used of DD for the Device hider. Maybe a change of the Slot in the NIF in Nifscope and a change or edit of this part in TESVEdit can solve the issue but its sure experimental. As i have recognized is the left Shoulder Pauldron affected of the issue too.
  2. ah ok thanks and when occur this i have never get it ... whats must be done that this scenes occur ? Must i ask multiple peoples and get a agreement for it ?
  3. I checked this Mod Kardia(Nisetanka) Inspired Armor and its drive me crazy ... Armor Parts get invisible if equiped caused by a incompatiblity with Devicious Devices ... to many different body slots ... i have now converted the SSE Version ... have the same issue ... the Devicious Device Hider cause the issue that parts are not visible ( effected about it are the Thong, left Pauldron and a Part of the helmet in all variants ( closed opened and standard ), thong have missing textures, no tempering recipes, no crafting recipe, no ground model ... further the LE version dont support Heel Function, the SSE version have only heel funtion with Racemenue High Heels that are not available for LE so i try currently add it with included Heels Sound and i try to fix most of the issues. The Armorbody in SSE version is standard CBBE ... terrible ... i have start to convert it in CBBE COSIO Body but then is much clipping issues that i must fix ... currently i try my best to fix all the issues but need some time ... if i ever get this issues solved with the backported version and i get the permission of the mod owner ( i write him a pn here but dont get a answer currently ) i will release a version that included the missing stuff with a converted version to COSIO Body ... please be informed i handle normally all this stuff for myself and change it for private usage and i am not a professional modder or Pro in Bodyslide ... please be patient. Currently i have backported the SSE Version to LE and its works fine so far ... but to fix currently all the issues that i found that i dont like or miss in the armor need time. Some issues maybe i can´t fix ... DD Compatiblityissue i dont know how to solved it ... i deactivated as workarround in DD Settings the Device Hider in the Devices Underneath MCN Settings that the armor parts ingame not get invisible.
  4. VERY NICE ... that i can clearly see its really huge and not to misunderstand 🤪😀
  5. This Mod as the Dialog "I really need a huge number of cocks in me. Can you help" ... can anyone explain me whats its cause and whats effect its have if i choose it in a dialog witht he NPC´s ... i have tried but can not recognized anything that then happen or i can not found out what is cause ... any informations are helpfull. Thanks
  6. ah sry ... very good then i will test it with SD+ ... then i have misunderstand the description ... was very late as i read the moddescription and sorry my eyes not more the best sometimes i cant see all clearly sometimes ... how you see in my avatar... i have big eyeglasses 🤪but if its work with all whipping scenes then i am happy to test it ... in SD+ i get often whipped 😝
  7. looks about a great idea ... currently only works with slaverun .... mmm any future plans to make it SD+ compatible then its seem very intresting for me because currently i dont play Slaverun
  8. I have exactly the same Problem. I like really this armor and the visual look ... including the NSFW stuff but i cant equip any of the helmets too. My Race is Nord too. The armor is great but i can´t equip the helmets and my char wear currently nothing else as the armor, gauntlets and the leggins ... i hope some updates will further provided because currently is this armor only in my eyes a WIP.
  9. if you build the armor are two options for the leggins ... choose the second one "Kardia Leggins" this can be built the other one occur errors in bodyslide and dont found a nif but i think that the armor works fine ...
  10. i think you search this .... this is the LE version i think but i dont know if she was ever make done
  11. ah yeah same for me i havnt found a solution or can found out why this happen ...
  12. öhm any ideas why the sexlab hotkeys dont work if SLAA adds and actor (clone) to a scene ... all hotkeys configured in Sexlab Hotkeys to adjust animations dont respond all time if i add with SLAA a clone ... if i choose no i prefer my partner the hotkeys works as expected but with a new clone all hotkeys dont respond anymore. Any suggestions to solve this issue.
  13. open creature framework mcn, in the main page of creature framework use re-register mods then go to page 7 at there u normally found the werwolfs and choose the correct dick for it from sexlab werewolves and check if this solve the problem.
  14. thats not necessary too, i think we are not blind ... not necessary to write all here in letter of elephant size ...
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