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Does anyone still get regular visitors or calls to visit?

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Once upon a time I used to get random townies dropping in to visit and frequent phone calls to come over and hang out.

Or invites to go to another sims to hang out.

First thing in the door they asked for sex, I think they just wanted to use my body ?

Almost always those sims were both friendly & romantic with my sim.

I still get phone calls but it's very rare and I never have visitors like Bella Goth just come a knockin'.


Something happened along the way and all that just stopped.


Just curious if others still get the visitors and phone calls?


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After the welcome wagon and my sims meet neighbors then in my game they stay in touch.  I do have my sim send texts some or chat on line sometimes with people he's met.  Also he likes social media and checks his followers and that increases his popularity around town too.


Generally if they have a friendship and/or lover status they call and stop by, usually just when my sim has asked his spouse to woohoo!


NPCs other than Peeping Tom and Tina don't drop by as often.

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After installing Island Living I used to have the welcome wagon happen every few days but probably was a bug.

I was living on Sulani at that time and I'd get other visitors pretty regular too, and even before I moved to the Islands.

Moved back to Willow Creek into a downloaded CC lot and did a ton of remodeling, and replanted my huge garden.

Maybe living alone triggers more visitors IDK.

But since then I've had many other sims living with me after that; (I train them up in schooling/skills, get them a job, and move them out after some time.)


Something I did discover was a conflicting mod: Cycleags? No more house fires, (but I never had any LE's).

Probably works fine by itself but maybe it's conflicting with one of my other mods.

Just by chance I tried going over to several other sims houses to visit them instead.

I couldn't knock on their doors no pie menu anywhere on house or doors.

Kept removing mods until it started working again, (found a later version but it did the same thing).

(I've since had a fire that my sim put out luckily)


The other thing is my house is on a corner lot and the front door & mailbox is on one street.

But when my sims leave to got to work/school they run around to the other street and vanish.

Same when they come home, they land on the street without the door.

Sims walking by would stop at my mailbox for several minutes like they wanted to visit but couldn't.

Wonder if I should try moving my front door and mailbox to the other street.


Lately I've had a few more visitors who drop in but it might be because I have 2 other F teen daughters and a F YA living with me.

(Or maybe because I got rid of that old mod IDK)


A few days ago I found another mod to try: LittleMsSams More Visitors Lot trait.

Meant for public lots mostly but it works on residential anyway.

When I set/enable my front door to Female, Male, Teen, etc., (Female brings over YA's only).

Get a rotating crowd of around 8-10 sims that hang out, dance, watch TV, make drinks, smoke, and have sex.

Sims come and go 24/7 but they won't eat, sleep, or use the bathroom, probably by design.

Just wish it had a setting to limit visitors to 1 every 3-4 hours.


Disable the door switch and they stop flooding in.


Sorry for the wall of text...

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Well it seems to be fixed now, or at least greatly improved.


1. Remodeled my corner lot house and moved the door and mail box to the other street.

2. Later got an invite to go out to a Disco Dance Social Event which I went to.


Also updated WW somewhere around this time.


Next day after the 2 teens and GF went to school/work I invited a random sim over to play around with.


Shortly after jumping in the Bed I had another female sim knocking on the door so I finished up quickly and invited #2 in.

Well #2 didn't waste any time before asking for sex so...

Phone rings and another sim wants to come over and hang out, replied OK.

Then #3 is knocking at the door, ah back to normal again, lol.

When the family got home I even had a random female child come knocking.

She just wanted to dance in the back yard where the Jukebox/Dance Floor is at.


 Not using the More Visitors Mod either.


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