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Fate Jeanne D'Arc Armor LE UUNP

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Fate Jeanne D'Arc Armor LE UUNP

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LE/Oldrim Backport and UUNP Bodyslide conversion of Outlawer's Fate Janne D'Arc Armor

Prebuilt "zeroed sliders" meshes included, but still recommended to build in Bodyslide before using.

-Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

-UNP-compatible body textures

-HDT Physics Extension

-NetImmerse Override OR Racemenu

-Latest XMPSE skeleton

-Any HDT PE-SMP setup (sample one here from the Nexus page of COCO KDA Ahri)


Changes from the original mod by Outlawer:

-UUNP HDT Bodyslides

-Updated slot/partitioning for better compatibility with other mods

-Zap sliders for arm armor

-"Slutty" version with lower half of the torso armor removed

-NetImmerse Override support added to heels for height adjustment

-Separated head item into two separate pieces (circlet and wig) for each version

-Added crafting and tempering recipes for the armor (wigs not yet included, they will need to be added via console or AddItemMenu)

-Adjusted armor weight and defense rating for non-torso armor pieces

-Removed enchantments from armor pieces (they can now be player-enchanted instead)


Future plans:

-UUNP Special version

-Arm armor and "corset" armor added as separate modular pieces


Known issues:
-Some clipping with the skirt and the right thigh (I don't plan to fix this)

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    HDT PE-SMP, UUNP, XPMSE, NetImmerse Override
  • Special Edition Compatible


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Stating this in advance: I will not provide support here for generic HDT/SMP related issues. Please only use this topic for problems with the mod itself (i.e. bodyslides, stuff in the plugin, etc). If you don't already have a functional HDT PE+SMP setup and have trouble with other mods that use it (such as COCO's armors) then please take your issues to a thread on this site that is directly related to the subject of HDT/SMP. Thanks.

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So I just noticed that I didn't make any crafting/tempering recipes for the circlet, and also that having the mandatory 34 (forearms) equip for the armor doesn't make sense if the arm armor "zaps" are used. Going to fix both of these issues as well as adding in the Special version and some more individual armor pieces in the next update, coming soon.

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20 hours ago, qkqhsky said:

found the problem


janne Skirt or janne alt Skirt these are lower frame rate

Yeah SMP stuff is performance intensive, this is well documented. You need a powerful rig to be able to properly use SMP cloth stuff with playable framerates.

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