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Powder Ganger texture problem

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Big Jake is having some trouble, like all the powder gangers who aren't wearing shirts in my NV install. Does anyone recognize what this problem is and have ideas on how to fix it based on the included screenshots?






So far I've:


Checked and re-toggled archive invalidation


Scratched my head about what's going on




Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You are trying to use a mesh that is not compatible with the textures you have installed. If you want to use that mesh then you need to open it in nifskope and change the texture paths to point to a compatible body mesh and possible redo the texture mapping (assuming that you do have the matching body textures somewhere).

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You're also in the wrong part of the forum for these kind of questions. This problem was reported a while ago' date=' and I believe the culprit is an oudated version of SCR.


Moving to appropriate forum.



Thank you for the heads up about being in the wrong section, ChancellorKremlin. Where should I be posting texture questions?


I just updated my SCR with SexoutCommonResourcesData20130110.1.7z and am still getting the crazy Powder Gangers texture problems, though. I'll keep trying things.

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And by the looks of the screenshot' date=' you are also missing the kennel bindings. You can download the mesh and texture files here....





Thank you, Wardminator! I was wondering about those, too. The files from that link did the trick :D


In the future when I have questions about mesh or texture issues, where should I post about them? It sounds like this is the wrong spot for this sort of thing.

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