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A Strange But Awesome Bug


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After installing a mod called ultimate 3'rd person view, which i thought was cool but it replaces 1'st person and unless i find a different verson that replaces 3'rd person (please contact me or reply to this thread if there is a version that does that) anyway after uninstalling it When ever i talk to people i talk to there whole body?! no ore talking to their noses??!! Now there are pros and cons with this bug.



-No more zooming into peoples faces when talking, like skyrim.

-Its more immersive for game-play



-When talking to someone, unlike skyrim, everything is is like paused or frozen in till you exit the conversation. (example: i decide to talk to BOB, When i talk to him JOHN, who is walking in the background, freezes and pauses. After Talking to BOB you exit the conversation and everything like the sound effects, peoples moving starts back up)


Now there is to ways i can go with this bug, 1. i can either find a way to make everything mov in the background (like skyrim) when talking to someone. Or 2 fix the awesome bug and go back to the whole zoom-into-da-face-then-talk thing -.-.


(i can also try to post some pictures of this bug)

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Well if you ever want to change that go into the oblivion ini and find the line: fDlgFocus=XXXXX where the "X's" stand for a number. By the default the line is: fDlgFocus=2.1000


I personally change the value to 6 since I always use the "Talk With Your Hands" mod. But you may change it to whatever you like. The smaller the value the closer the camera will be.

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