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Several problems, any help would be appreciated.

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So I installed bunch of mods, thought they were working good. But I have some minor problems that are keep annoying me. 


Problem #1

My character is not showing any sort of expression. I have noticed some black flickers. My guess is my character probably have another face under her face. 


Problem #2

I noticed some problem regarding HDT-SMP framework. In the case of HDT skirt, it stays below my character and stays still. I think this is problem of HDT framework, but body physics still works. This is what makes me confused. I installed frameworks and addons that come with it. Even reinstalled few times.



*Minor Question - how can I make one's eye ignore lighting? I love that feature but can't seem to find it.1813997584_HDTskirt.jpg.ba90e66220ed679f9dbd932c694f32ad.jpg.3011e63ab49fd00c56d2bf986dbcde63.jpg1364960843_yundaoHair.jpg.5b8a0e4cf0637979a1a62a3976f925ac.jpg.4dc7215f1d9f8c9edd3314c13f5b0f9a.jpg

mod list.txt

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