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Activating Furniture Animations

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Okay, so I'm about 80% sure that this falls firmly in the 'stupid questions' category, but I've looked around everywhere and been unable to find a clear answer. So, sorry if it's a stupid question.


How do I activate Furniture Animations, in example, the Pillory animations from Zaz or Leito's packs?


For clarity sake, I already have Sexlab and various addons, animations packs, etc. loaded into the game cleanly and functioning just find. I can trigger regular sex and masturbation scenes from a number of packs quite easily. This isn't a technical issue, really. I have placed Zaz compatible Pillories, as well as a selection of other devices using the relevant spells for such. Likewise, I can order slaves into the devices easily using the Paradise Halls cell/marker functionality. The trouble is, once the slave character is actually in the device (let's say a pillory, since I know for certain I have at least two sets of pillory animations from various packs)...I just can't figure out how to trigger an animation with them? I know I have the relevant animation packs, not just installed but actually registered to Sexlab via the MCM menu, but I just can't figure out how to actually trigger them to play. I'm fairly certain I'm either A) Missing something supppppeerrrr obvious and I'm going to feel really stupid or B) There's some triggering spell, console command, or what have you that everyone takes so much for granted that they never bother listing that step in guides. C) I'm otherwise an idiot, in some other fashion. Always possible. 


Help? Please? Before I hurt myself too much from repeatedly bashing my head on my keyboard? 

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I think,, I have almost same question.   I can run zaz animation, with use sexlab tools, or defeat etc,  I can choose too. (by  sexlab tools)

, but it usually load zaz items,,  then start animation. and disappear, when animation fnish.


Then I can not start zaz sex animation as I like, even though  there is already zaz or BDSM items which will be used for zaz animation. 


I  already have  mods which locate many zaz items on the cell, (eg zaz test cells)

, then I can order NPC to use it from basic dialogue menu,, (as same as wait here or open door) , and it becom trigger to start some animation or pose.


(so they pose or shake their body with constrain on the place , sometimes they start dance.. or some adult machine start motion )  but,  I can not choose animation ,,

even htough there are pirolly ,, so what animation or pose will start  are already decided by Mod. which locate items in the world.


I think,, it seems dificult to start those animation which set character position correclty on the items which already lcoated, . then start sex animation. 


Have you tried this mod? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10368-interactive-bdsm-se/


I think, this mod seems offer what we hope.. (so we think more naturall,, we start BDSM animation, on the place, where they are lcoated, )

but at current, there are not many intrerective animations.  So I hope this mod keep enhance.  ( to  controll animation as I like  when there is zaz items)


I already  downloaded it,, but I think I have not used full function, which mod seems offer..,   and sometimes I can not confirm, actually which mod start animation,

(or pose), what I currently seeing.. 


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