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College of winterhold, more students, areas, quests?


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Are there good quality mods that add more students(named ones with at least a backstory) and areas for the college? It is a college after all, but only 3 students? Wow...

Plus, the college is really pathetic looking and even the bards college is a better college than this.


Also, are there mods that add quests to the mages college?



*i also posted on the official bethsoft forums, but realising how many milkdrinkers there are over there, i think this place is a better place to ask for mods, since console people dont like mod talking in the modsection'

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There is the More interesting NPCs mod. I'm sure it adds people everywhere, so at least one of them should be around the college. In fact, I'm sure there was someone new in there after I went to check it.


And well, there is also 'school of witchcraft'. It doesn't modify anything to the winterhold college, it adds another one. Full with students, new spells and all that.

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Some Great Winterhold Mods: (Sexy Winterhold College) for Looks, (Winterhold Improved) adds "This Mod Adds an entire new floor to the college of winterhold's main tower as well as drastically improving the Archmage quarters while at the same time making it a spouse friendly player home. Also included are Autochests, additional apparel and numerous little tweaks to improve gameplay.", (Winterhold Restoration) Adds some new npcs but no new quests but it doss make the town of Winterhold biger and look better And been using (Interesting NPCs) it adds some New students with some Interesting new storys.

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