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Audio latency then crash

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It usually starts out with the sound of my footsteps being delayed slightly, and it gradually gets worse. I stop hearing my own footsteps, then I can't hear weapon animation sounds like the bow draw or sword swinging. I'll try to keep moving without paying mind to this, but after a few seconds, the game freezes, usually for about 15 seconds. When it unfreezes, all the sound effects come crashing back, but it just keeps freezing like this indefinitely, until I press escape and wait a long time, or restart Skyrim. Reloading a save doesn't work. I have tried enboost and nothing changes.

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14 hours ago, Andy14 said:

Skyrim has a bug (freeze, ctd) if the audio setting is too high. Really stable (depending on the system, driver) is only CD / DVD quality in the audio settings

I think I solved it. It was because I had too many script mods so it bogged down the game.

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