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Blender and Skyrim?


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Ok so I know that there is a way to edit the models in skyrim. There are already several nude mods out there so people have already figured out how to do it. Can I still use blender to edit the nif model files for Skyrim? I have tried to import some models but I get an error that says that such and such value is too long. Help!

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Wow thanks for the quick reply. Now on to the content of the message.... holy crap! That is a lot of effort just to get a mesh to work in Skyrim. I think I may be opening Pandora's box here. All I wanted to do was to see if someone could take the CBBE female body mod and weight the breasts similar to the way they are in the CHSBHC-Body Physics-Mod. Thought all I would have to do is go into blender and do a little weight painting. Guess not. Well if anyone else feels like tackling the project I am sure that there are many others besides myself that would be grateful.

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